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Owner: Janine Ellington & Family
Location: Manchester United Kingdom

Here we have Alsace Royale’s Diliha


Owner: Thomas Harrington
Location: Co Kerry, Ireland

We got Harley in june 2009 from Alsace Royale, almost 3 now he has grown to become one of the most loyal and intelligent dogs I know.
His temperment around our friends, family and children is second to none,always patient(except when its time to go walking) and always one step ahead! He never minds whats happening so long as he is in the middle of it..on the farm,at the nearby river or asleep in front of our stove!
He is doing his Sire “Bruno” proud and we couldnt imagine our home without him..!
Thanks a million and keep up the good work…!


Owner: Ciarán McGovern & Family
Location: Cork, Ireland

Here is Alsace Royale’s Druid, below we have Druid and his Master’s here you will see Druid from 3 months to a fine boy at 17 months

From a wee lad of 10 weeks old, that we collected in February 2011. He’s grown into a fine and impressive German Shepherd. My wife called him Druid, because he seemed to possess a wisdom and intelligence beyond his years.

I have never known a dog like him, he is just absolutely perfect. Despite his size and unbelievable strength, he can be as gentle as a mouse. He has a beautiful temperament and has charmed all my family and friends. In fact, pretty much everyone who has met him has fallen in love with him. He is a wonderful companion and a guardian to us all.

All credit to the wonderful Alsace Royale kennels and the love John and yourself have given to your dogs. Druid’s impeccable Alsace Royal genes and breeding is clear for all to see. Your Kennel exemplifies the superior qualities of the traditional German Shepherd dogs. Long may you both continue to produce magnificent dogs and I would never consider going anywhere else for a puppy.

All the best and thanks again for giving us such a wonderful boy, that we both love so much.


Owner: David & Marie McAnaney
Location: Belfast, United Kingdom

Alsace Royale’s Mac at 14 weeks he is the son of sire Troy and dam Chelsea

We got Mac from Alsace Royale back in April 2012 and he is 14 weeks old in these photos. Dad was Troy and mum Chelsea. We had German Shepherds before but can honestly say the shepherds we seen at Alsace Royale are something special and Mac is already looking like he will turn into a great dog himself.

He gets plenty of attention and admiration out on his daily walks and everyone asks where we got him from. He is very sociable and loves meeting people and other dogs. In fact we often find ourselves having to stop everytime we pass someone out on our walks so Mac can check them out! Asides from getting out and about his second love is food. He’s always hungry and puts away some amount of food for a pup his age!

Would be happy to recommend Alsace Royale to anyone seeking a strong, healthy, well bred GSD.



Owner: Menasheh Idafar
Location: London, United Kingdom

This is Alsace Royale’s Dana, which as you can see just loves her blue ball.


Owner: Susan Boyle & Family
Location: Ireland

Here we have Alsace Royale’s Rooney grow from a wee pup to the fine big lad he is today he love to play with his masters as you will see and read below.

Hey jackie:) it’s susan here!! just a little update on Rooney (Alsace Royale Valentine guy) from Troy and Storm’s littler!!
its being a year since we got him and its being great he such a great dog!
He lets you know when someone is about but as soon as he knows, were ok about it than so his he than he’s back to being happy go lucky!! we love him we wouldn’t trade him for the world he great with the kids he loves to play he do anything for the ball you have even if he has 10 beside him lol:) he get compliments every were you goes for his manners as well as his looks as you can tell from the photos he’s a stunner!!!!!!so thank you again for such great dog:)


Owner: Don and Joan
Location: Cavan, Ireland

Here we can see Alsace Royale’s Tess who just loves her best friend the pom, have a read below and see what Tess has to say about us and her loving owners Don and Joan.

It has come to my notice that Don and Joan have asked you for a male pup from your next litter, and as you are very well aware, they would not get a German Shepherd from anyone but you. I am more than happy with this arrangement, as I would like a companion to share in my more boisterous play, my good friend and I (the Pom) get on famously, but the most gentle of taps with my paw tend to roll her to the other end of the garden, and I have a big garden! I know Don and Joan have outlined their preferences for my new brother, and I go along with them entirely, but I would like you to take into account when giving your advice on their selection of my new companion, that it has taken me three and a half years to train my humans to my requirements (food, toys, exercise and who gets the first go on the best chairs, beds, and cuddles etc.) It has sometimes taken quite a while to get some of my requirements across, but I have now trained this household into the manner that is best suited to me and the smooth running of my domain. I will make my new companion most welcome, but I will expect him to join me in keeping my household safe, and assist me and the Pom in insuring Don and Joan continue keeping us dogs in the manner I have worked soo hard to achieve.
Yours with fond memories,

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