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Sukie, Siren & Storm

Owner: Dwain Howard
Location: Omagh, Northern Ireland

Here we have three of Alsace Royal’s girls, sadly Sukie has passed away please read her owners heart warming note below  May She Rest In Peace

Hi Jackie its Dwain here i was talking to you last week about the sad passing of Sukie who sadly passed away with bone marrow cancer, here are a few photos of all three bitches i have got from you, Sukie is the largest one in the photos I lifted her on July 31st 2010 she was a super pup picked everything up with ease she grew into a large pup very quickly and was always by my side, she made training the other two pups very easy. I then got storm from you on the 13th of November 2010 she looks just like her mum Elsa she is a head strong girl who is always on watch never misses a thing, even though she is a well built girl she has a gentle touch. Sukie and Storm got on really well and we all enjoyed trips away together. Then came Siren i lifted her 1st Apiril 2011 she is the baby of the pack she has formed a close bond with storm and they will always be found playing together or sneaking away to explore new places together. Sukie and Siren had a rocky start Sukie didn’t want anything to do with her but Siren’s playful nature soon won Sukie round and all three became an unstoppable pack, all three have totally different characters and i enjoy them all very much.
It was very hard to say goodbye to Sukie she has left a huge void Storm and Siren seem very much lost without her Sukie was the leader of the pack and looks very much like her father Troy. id like to get another pup from you for I’m sure Storm and Siren would love a new friend feel free to contact me any time iv’e plenty more photos of the pups if you would like any more.
looking forward to hearing about the new litter many thanks Dwain

Troy & Tia

Owner: Kevin Mc Dermott
Location: Co, Cavan Ireland

In the photo’s below we have Alsace Royale’s Troy and Tia with there best friends Penny


Owner: Brian Hannan
Location: Co, Galway, Ireland

In the photo’s below you will see Alsace Royale’s Bear grow from a puppy to his fine stature today, also with bear is his best friend Coco and there master Brian.

Bear has grown from a puppy into, well a Bear. He is almost 2 years and is a big strong dog who has a heart of gold who loves his cuddles. He is so energetic and loves meeting people, kids and animals. He always turns heads when out on walks with his handsome looks and size.

Thank you Alsace Royale for producing such a fine German Shepherd.
Will be back for our next one


Owner: Shane Mulleady & Family
Location: Wicklow, Ireland

Here we have Alsace Royale’s Ben, In the photo below we have Ben and his new friend Sam.

Our beloved dog Ben is now within days of his 3rd birthday. We have owned many dogs and Ben is an absolute joy to have around our family and our home. Ben is a beautiful dog and is admired by anyone who meets him. I would strongly recommend Alsace Royale as a breeder/kennel as their ethos in breeding shines through and supports all that is stated on this websites home page. I wish Jackie and her family well and hope that she continues as a breeder for many years. Thank you so much for our wonderful companion, Ben!

Blondi & Truda

Owners: Frances & Fred
Location: Tipperary, Ireland

This is Alsace Royale’s Blondi and Truda the photos below are from the time they were pups up to the most recent which was Easter 2012

Rommel & Ava

Owner: Ruairi Gaynor & Family
Location: Dublin, Ireland

Alsace Royale’s Rommel having a tv night with Saoirse, we also have Rommel with his new friend Alsace Royale’s Ava just 11 weeks old.

An amazing breed of dog and an amazing breeder. At 12 months Rommel was 45kgs and like a small horse.


Owner: Marie & Andy Marston
Location: Cheshire, United Kingdom

Here we have Alsace Royale’s Tegan, below we see Tegan with her master Andy having a little snooze!!

Dear Jackie
Just letting you know Tegan is doing really well, she visited our vets today, who absolutely fell in love with her as does everyone who she meets. I was so full of pride as he said “Tegan is a really good example of a well bred GSD, the breeder obviously knows what they are doing, she is so beautiful, just perfect”. What a compliment Jackie (I was full of pride being her mum now) but you did all the hardwork, she is such a well adjusted dog. For one so young Tegan is so good with any animal she meets, she just takes everything in her stride.

If anyone reading this is looking for a well adjusted and balanced GSD with looks to die for, then visit the Alsace Royale Shepherd website and just take a look at just how dedicated Jackie and her family are at breeding good sound dogs.
Jackie keep up the good work.
Marie & Andy

Max & Shiloh

Owner: Philip Hamilton & Family
Location: Dublin Ireland

Here we have Alsace Royale’s Max & Shiloh, with there Wee Master Ethan

Max is coming up on 3 now he came from Tara and Troy, as you’ll see from the pics he looks like Troy and has Taras temprement. He loves being around the kids especially Ethan he never leaves his side. Shiloh is nearly 2 she came from Bruno and Elsa. She is a wonderful dog and very intelligent she loves jumping over anything thats in front of her and very affectionate she will make a great Mammy someday.

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