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Owner: Elaine McGeown
Location:North Wales

Alsace Royale’s Winter, well what can i say just another picture of beauty, with he fabulous dark colouring she definitely stands out.

Winter is one of Storm and Troys litter from March 2013. She was bought to help us get over the death of our previous family dog, and since we got her she has certainly done that, She is just one very big bundle of energy, she is larger than our other dog was at full size and she is still growing.

She never barks (except at the cat) and is so full of life (and mischievousness) the list of things which she has destroyed grows by the day, today we bought her a new harness which proceeded to chew through in less than an hour, it never even saw a lead. Everyone comments on her when we are out about her beautiful colouring and markings. As people who had never bought a german shepherd before i wasn’t sure about her size and temperament with our family but I can honestly say that i think my husband will insist that any more dogs we have in our lives all be German Shepherds and come from Alsace Royal.


Owners: Katie & Marek Loginova
Location: Sultash, Cornwall

Aw Alsace Royale’s beautiful Yui, being introduced to some new friends.

Sending you some of the pictures we took of Yui last week as well as greetings from myself and Marek. More are to come for sure but we just thought those are the best for now as you can clearly see her colours as well as how much she has grown so far! She made different expressions whenever we took her pictures, she was so fascinated with the camera clicking and flashing!

She’s growing big and healthy, she is bigger now than she was last week, can no longer pick her up with ease as we used to. She doesn’t bite anymore, only occasionally nibbles and we are giving her chewy sticks – she just goes through them a lot faster than she used to and indeed she grows so fast right before your eyes.

Her baby coat is slowly going away, the glossy coat on her back is slowly replacing most of her baby fluff. She is very friendly and social in front of other dogs and people. In the beginning she was nervous in front of other dogs and only after few encounters gained some confidence. She took a liking to a few Labs and retrievers, they occasionally play together. She is a very fast learner, and very well behaved even though is very mischievous. Other day we took in a lost kitten and after visit to vet to check it Yui is being nice and temperate towards the 3 month old kitten. They even had a nap together last night which to us was quite surprising as at first she was little bit unhappy since it was in a box and we didn’t let her near it as it was terrified and wet. Also attached a picture of them napping together that i just took whilst writing this email. She sure has great and big personality 🙂
With kind regards,


Owners: Kerrie & Liam O’Keeffe
Location: Co. Cork

Here we have Alsace Royale’s Kaiser, at just 4 months you can already see he is going to be a big strong boy.

We’ve had him for 4 months now and he has quickly become the centre of our lives. We could not ask for a better dog. He is the size of an elephant but he has a heart of gold. He has settled in very well with our other GSD Sam and both are now best of friends. We could not have asked for a better puppy! Kaiser is happy out once he has the heat of a fire and a comfy place to lie down. He is so loyal, intelligent and the best watch dog. We look forward to adding to our GSD family and will definitely be coming to you in the future.


Owner: Linda and Chris McColgan
Location: South Ayrshire, Scotland

Alsace Royale’s Mali, isn’t she just so adorable, with her fabulous features a truly beautiful girl.

I can’t believe its almost a year that we made the journey to your house to collect Mali. She is a joy to have in the house. Very laid back and affectionate but full of fun and has a fantastic temperament.  She gets on great with our other German shepherd Shug. Although she keeps him on his toes! She is a great companion normally to be found by my side or sleeping beside me on the couch.  Were expecting our first baby in March and I think Mali will do great with a baby in the house.
Kind regards
Linda and Chris
South Ayrshire, Scotland


Owner: Charlotte & Dermot
Location: Herefordshire, United Kingdom

What a fabulous boy Alsace Royale’s Junior has turned out to be, he has such beautiful wee eyes, they just melt any heart.

We brought Junior home back in 2009 and he was brave and adventurous from the start,  it wasn’t long before we couldn’t pick Junior up he seemed to shoot up He is a brave intelligent and gentle dog, he is extremely loyal and keeps the yard and house safe while we are out,  he loves being outside and running around the fields but loves coming in and settling down at night.  He lives with our husky (Saber) and jack Russell (Elvis) and they have had their moments but all have settled.  We are extremely grateful we found Jackie and Junior and will certainly be going back to her for our next addition to the family. Junior is now four years old and a fine fit dog and very much part of the family.
Thanks again Jackie and will be in touch in the New Year, have a great Christmas and New Year.
Charlotte & Dermot


Owner: Jane & Ken Spear
Location: Merseyside, Liverpool, United Kingdom

Aw Alsace Royal’s Casey, what wonderful expressions this handsome little chappie makes with his ears.

Hope you are feeling well after you op.  Casey has settled down as you can see by his pictures, getting bigger by the day.  Our Vet said he has never seen such a large puppy at 5 months old. He  has a great personality and loves all people and other dogs which is great in a small village. It takes us ages when we go for a walk because everybody wants to stop and fuss him.

Will keep you posted on him and send some more pictures.


Owner: Heather Hutton
Location: Scottish Borders

Here we have Alsace Royale’s Roxy, what a beautiful pose she has, a girl of fine beauty.

hi jackie hope you’re all well, roxys doing great, had her at vet this morning as shes took an allergic reaction, her wee eyes went very puffy, would you believe they said we,ve to give her piriton lol, they gave her a steroid injection, breathing and hearts fine so all gd, shes a great wee girl , very loving and affectionate, jim takes her a 4 mile walk every night, she goes and gets her leash before hes got his jacket on, very clever, here are some up 2 date pics of her hope you like them, take care heather xxx


Owner: The McCarthy Family
Location: Kildare

Alsace Royale’s Sky, has brought a world of happiness to a wonderful family after the sad loss of their loyal companion

After the passing of our beloved Ozzy after 13 years we were devastated. We found it very difficult to choose another dog as Ozzy left a big paw print on our hearts.

As our kids were very young we felt it was important that they would grow up with a dog as we both did. Our long extensive search led us to Alsace Royale and from our first conversation with Jackie we were reassured that we had finally found the correct breeder for us. The whole family was so excited when Jackie called to inform us that our new puppy was born and would be ready in 13 weeks. A few days before we were due to pick up our new puppy our 5 year old daughter Ellie was seriously bitten by a dog ( Not A German Shepherd) and was hospitalised. Ellie was left with facial scarring and the whole family devastated. We cannot describe how supportive and understanding Jackie was to us when we called her to explain. Even though our brave little Ellie had been bitten, she still longed for her german Shepherd puppy. In August 2013 we made the journey to Malin Head to collect Sky. We got a warm greeting from Jackie and family and also from friendly Saxon, who jumped into our car to say Hello! We knew straight away that the temperament of the breed was everything we hoped it could be. Jackie introduced us to the gang and each dog was as loving as the next. It was wonderful to see a breeder as devoted to her dogs as Jackie and all her family and how well all her dogs are looked after and socialised. Sky was in the kitchen to greet us…Our kids’ reaction when they first set eyes on her was something we will never forget..She was the cutest little lady we had ever seen. She travelled home with us on my lap the whole way to Kildare. Straight away we knew she was the one for us. She slept all the way home! Sky is so affectionate; she adores the kids in particular and cries at the end of the stairs when they go to bed. She even sneaks up the stairs to make sure they are all asleep and hops in for a snooze with them when she can get away with it.

Sky is a typical girl…she loves her quiet nights in on the sofa watching the soaps! She doesn’t like to be left alone so we take her everywhere with us as much as possible. When we do leave her in the house, the welcome we get on return is second to none – even if we were only out for 5 mins. Sky is quite the head turner and every time we are out people stop to admire her and ask where we got her from. She loves visiting the horses and her long walks. She also has no problem telling us when she is tired and has had enough, when she sits down and refuses to move..We have often had to push her home in the baby’s buggy. Which we believe she enjoys immensely. Sky is very clever and will strategically position herself at the kitchen door, so leaving the room without her is impossible. She is partial to the occasional flip flop! We couldn’t have hoped for a better pet then Sky and are grateful everyday that we took the decision to bring her home. We cannot Thank Jackie enough and would have no hesitation in recommending Jackie and her dogs to any family who are looking for a best friend.

The McCarthy Family, Kildare


Owner: Jackie McMahon & Family
Location: Dublin

Here we have Alsace Royale’s Gorgeous Meg who just loves her bone and her blankie!!! and of course her masters

Meg came bounding into our lives on 6th November 2012, aged almost 3 months and what joy she has brought… She settled really quickly and is one of the most placid dogs we have ever met and a real beauty… I grew up with a german shepherd named “Major” and I always knew that I would be the proud owner of a german shepherd myself one day because I think once you have such an animal in your life you realise just how special they are. The problem was I just didn’t know where to get one from… Over to google and I came across “Alsace Royale German Shepherds” and that was it; i wanted my pup from there, nowhere else, I fell in love with the dogs instantly. I received a call from Jackie (the breeder) to say that a female pup might be available and I would find out at 7pm that evening… I could not settle all day and even prayed (although im not religious)!! Jackie sent me a text at 7pm to say its not good news about the pup….  I actually nearly started crying and got another text to say…. “ITS GREAT NEWS, THE GERMAN SHEPHERD FEMALE PUP IS YOURS”!!!! Well I jumped up and down and may I take this opportunity to thank Jackie for all her help and giving me first refusal, I have a very special dog indeed… Also, I would like to thank my Dad as he bought her for me for my Xmas pressie… Oh this is starting to sound like a formal speech!! Basically, she has completed my family, has a beautiful temprament, great with my son, George, aged 9 and never leaves my side… such a loyal friend and I actually cant imagine life without her… if anyone is reading this I would highly recommend Alsace and I know I will be getting another puppy from them one day… Meg can open the back door to let herself into the kitchen once she has had enough play outside and then she opens the kitchen doors to let herself into the living room too, so clever… I am trying to teach her how to use the keys now haha… MEG, we love you xxxxxxxxxx


Owner: Chris Black & Family
Location: Farnborough, Hampshire, United Kingdom

What a beautiful girl Alsace Royale’s Rusty is turning out to be read what her family have to say below and check out there blog Rusty Comes Home

At the time these were taken we were taking Rusty for a New Year’s day walk out to Tweseldown – A local equestrian forestry land. A huge wooded area with all sorts of things for a pup to get excited about… Mud, sand, grass, trees, and plenty of water.
She’d just turned 21 weeks old and was already 22″ tall to the shoulder, and weighing in at 53lb (24kg). I didn’t get a chance to take many ‘dry pup’ photos before she took to the water… over and over again.

Rusty has a lovely temperament & adores our 6 1/2yr old son, Alex. They are inseparable on walks out and love playing with each other. She’s also no bother to our three cats and a garden of chickens (although there is a fence between Rusty & the hens… She’s a playful pup and very excitable, and the hens are wary rescued ex-battery hens). Rusty is also great around horses, as she travels around to yards where my wife, Christine, works. On our walks around a local lake we often meet other dog walkers… and military service GSDs being trained. The trainers comment on how well behaved Rusty is, and tell us what a great GSD we have… I can’t help but agree! She’s changed our life since she came into it (follow this link for the big puppy surprise!):http://moretimespace.wordpress.com/2012/11/25/rusty-comes-home/

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