Owner: Lynsay Gallacher
Location: Prestwick

Thora is such a character in so many ways. She has us laughing everyday and is so so loving. Despite feeling naturally anxious at first, now our constant shadow. She is amazing with our 13weeks old daughter and can already see a fierce bond forming between them. I wouldn’t hesitate to get another GSD from Jackie as the temperament and stature is by far the best I’ve seen for the breed.


Owner: Mike and Donna Harmon
Location: Isle of Man

We owe a huge thank you to Jacqueline for allowing us to give a home to one of her very precious fur babies. Our baby girl Willow is a credit to her start in life, she is happy go lucky, incredibly loving and a friend to the world. I have had, and rescued German Shepherds all of my life all with very different personalities but Willow’s amazing personality stems from the loving and secure home she was born into… really can tell good breeders. She brings joy and laughter to anyone who meets her with her silly cute personality. Willow has a fur brother Billy, they have an amazing relationship and give my husband and I hours of fun and laughter with the antics they get up to. We could never begin to thank Jacqueline and her family enough for the priceless fur baby that we have from them. She means the world to us THANK YOU XX


Owner: Sharps
Location: Newcastle, United Kingdom

We weren’t new to the GSD breed so wanted to keep true to the straight back old fashioned lines. We were delighted to find Jackie at Alsace Royale and read so many positive reviews and experiences from owners all over the world and see their photos. We arranged to meet and see her wonderful pack, it was German Shepherd heaven. We are now proud to have 1 year old Shelia. She adores our little Grandson which was an essential for us. Sheila enjoys forest treks, river swims and beach walks, all close by to us. She is so loving, loyal, naughty as you’d expect, and great fun. She likes to be with us everywhere. Second skin! We would never think of going to a different breeder now. Jackie’s knowledge and patience over the years has produced a well balanced, nice temperment quality Shepherd. She made us feel so welcome and we have kept in touch.


Owner: Rob & Caroline Degans
Location: Newtownards, Northern Ireland

From our very first conversation with jacqueline we knew we had chosen the right person to get our new family member from. jacqueline and john adore their dogs and the love and care they provide for them is plain to be seen when you meet them. if you want a big strong , beautiful, loyal, healthy and fun sheperd look no further. just over a year ago we were over the moon that jacqueline trusted us to give one of her pups the life he deserved. Meet our big son Murphy


Owner: Harry, Marnie and the girls!
Location: Lisburn, Northern Ireland

Our boy is nearly 3, he is our first ever German shepherd. He is called Dorian but also answers to handsome!!! He very quickly became part of our family he is like a big brother to our three beautiful daughters. Dorian is a gentle giant and is a bit of a celebrity in our local town!

His favourite pastime is playing with the girls,car rides , walks and playing with the hose!!!! We knew the minute we met Jacqueline that we would look no further the love and devotion shown to her dogs is beyond amazing, they know nothing but love and care. Dorian is thee most gentle/loving/protective/ loyal dog EVER he is our furry son .


Owner:  Audrey Einnis
Location: London, U.K.

We received Sadie in July. She is a fantastic German Shepherd, fits right in and is so clever, shes very placid, and great with the kids, we gets comments all the time about how placid she is. For anyone thinking of getting a German Shepherds I would highly recommend Alsace Royale German Shepherds. Jackie was great to deal with, shes such a lovely lady,



Owner:  Amber Nissim
Location: Hertfordshire U.K.

I came across Jackie after becoming frustrated with my search for german shepherd breeders in England and eventually googling straight backed German Shepherds. I grew up with a wonderful Alsatian and I never forgot her. I wanted my son and daughter to grow up with the same experience. To me, dog equals Alsatian and any other breed would have been a compromise. As soon as I spoke to Jackie I knew she was genuine with integrity and that I could put my trust in her to give me the kind of dog I wanted. Healthy, strong and great temperament and not a show pony from somebody running it merely as a business. I liked the fact that Jackie cared as much about where her German Shepherd pups would be going as I did about where they were coming from.

I flew over to see the German shepherd pups when they were about 6 weeks old and the welcome I got from Jackie’s dogs proved they were as beautiful on the inside as they were on the outside. Jackie gave me her opinion on which  German shepherd puppy she thought was the right one for us and little Saoirse made it over to us in Hertfordshire aged 11 weeks using the courier service which all went smoothly. Having had her now for nearly 2 months I can say she is perfect for us. She has the sweetest nature, a total dote, and loves meeting new people and dogs alike.
I am already broody for another and if and when I decide to add to the family I know I would go back to Jackie and let her choose one for us.
All the best, Amber and family


Owner: Amanda Yeates
Location: Essex U.K.

I was looking for a traditional German Shepherd, a German Shepherd bred how they are meant to be. I found Jackie and her lovely dogs. A little trip over to Ireland and our bundle was chosen.
Getting her home didn’t quite go as planned but Jackie and her lovely son pulled out all the stops so my new baby could be with me.
Got her home and she has been a star, full of energy and mischief but so adorable. Lots of people have commented on what a lovely example of a German Shepherd she is. We are now enjoying training and getting out and meeting other people and dogs. She is a dream and very good with other dogs, she has even started to make friends with the cats in the house 😊
Can’t thank Jackie and her family enough, first of all for their hospitality, when we went to visit the pups and secondly for the lovely dog they have bred and that is now an important part of our family


Owner: Andrea, David, And The Girls!
Location: Keswick, Lake District, Cumbria.

My husband and I were looking for a ‘Straight Back German Shepherd Puppy’ just over two years ago. We wanted a ‘straight back’ as we thought (and still do find) that the aspect of breeding ‘Sloped/Stanted’ German Shepherds was poor, and sad. We have always believed that a German Shepherd should have a ‘straight back’; just as they did when we were first introduced to the breed. Every dog breed naturally has a straight back, and the fact that people choose to breed Sloped/Slanted German shepherds is painful to us. The German Shepherd is a treasure in itself; and I have met so many ‘Sloped/Slanted back’ German Shepherds who have matured into cripples at too early an age. Hip Displasia is common in German shepherds, yet breeding ‘Sloped/Slanted back’ German Shepherds increases a dog’s chance of developing the problem.
We did not want our German shepherd puppy to have that setback in life, and so we searched the internet for ‘Straight Back German shepherd’. We found many breeders, yet none seemed as professional, and experienced, or educated as Jackie and John. We took time reading about their ‘German shepherd Beliefs’ and also admired their beautiful images of shepherds in their online gallery. We read all about past litters, and decided that Alsace Royale German Shepherds were the perfect place to find our new puppy! Jessie-Honey, our eldest daughter of two, was especially pleased to find that we had found a breeder after searching month after month for the perfect fit.
We contacted Jackie and John, who were very helpful and enthusiastic, and arranged to meet a new litter.

Almost three years later, and our beautiful girl Storm has settled in perfectly with the family!
She is so great with the children; 13 year old Jessie-Honey, and 9 year old Renée. She enjoys playing with them in the nearby river, and walks on the lead with both of them exceptionally well. She is a gentle giant with Renée and her younger friends, and competes with Jess in local Dog Shows! She has so much fun participating in obedience, and she is very active; having many furry pals in my dog walking business. There is never a dull moment with our gorgeous girl, and I do not know where our family would be without her!

– I would absolutely suggest getting a puppy from Alsace Royale. Jackie and John are very helpful and have so much experience with the bigger German Shepherd dogs. I would definitely recommend them!


Owner: Michael
Location: Ards Peninsula

Cara has settled really well into her new home on the Ards Peninsula. She is a real character and all of our wider family circle have also fallen in love with her. We are very grateful to have found a reputable breeder in yourself and were most impressed with your kennels having visited on 2 occasions. Also, the advice you have given us in relation to settling in a new German Shepherd puppy as well as basic training tips has proved invaluable. Cara loves going on long walks and particularly loves the forest and the beach. The pictures I have sent you span Cara’s first 6/7 months. We will keep in touch and send further updates in due course.


Owner: Marcus
Location: Dublin

Elsa came to live with us last year at 12 weeks old. From the very beginning she made our house her home. She moved in with Aslan ,our other German shepherd and followed him everywhere much to his annoyance . He had no choice but to accept her as she shared and took everything belonging to him. Now they are the best of pals ! Elsa adores him. At one year old she is the most loving ,affectionate German Shepherd and is so loyal. She even helps Marcus to study. She has never growled or snapped at anyone and has a lovely sunny nature. Thanks so much Jackie and John for all the socialisation you did with her as a puppy. She is so well balanced with her paws well on the ground. We received a warm welcome from Jackie on our first visit to view the litter. The German Shepherds  are well looked after and have ample space to run and play. Jackie gave us lots of tips and advice on puppy rearing and has kept in touch . Having already had another German shepherd (from a different breeder) who has hip problems due to careless breeding, it is wonderful that Jackie breeds the straight back German shepherd and puts such care into her dogs.


Owner:Jim Gauld
Location: Stonehaven

Alsace royale! How aptly named is that, I feel like I’m in the company of canine royalty with this prince of dogs that Jackie sent me. It’s been almost 2 months since Alsace Royale governor, “mac” to us, emigrated to Scotland to be with us and we’ve never looked back. I know I’m biased but he’s an amazing dog, he has a real laid back temperament, well behaved and well socialised with other dogs and children. He has such a mischievous streak as well and a right little kleptomaniac to boot. If anything goes missing you’ll find it in one of his nests. I knew from seeing the website and after speaking on the phone to Jackie for just a couple of minutes that my quest to find the perfect German shepherd was over. It was evident when speaking to Jackie that I could trust her so I asked her to pick a dog for me, she said she would be happy to do that and that she would send me a good German Shepherd. Jackie had been 100% to her word and Alsace royale is the one stop, only stop to get the perfect German shepherd. Aidan the dog courier was 100% as well, ferrying the wee man in comfort in his customised van and keeping me informed as to what was happening for meeting him at Hamilton services. Thank you so much Jackie, Saxon and thunder for trusting me with your wee man, he has made such an impact on my life in such a short time, it’s a great pleasure to have him.


Owner: Jane Keogh
Location: Boyle Roscommon

We heard about Alsace Royale from googling ‘Straight back German Shepherd’. I made contact with Alsace and spoke to Jackie on the off chance there would be a litter and there was one girl left, which is what I was looking for. The German shepherd Pups were only 2 weeks old at the point, we kept in contact by phone and then we went up to see the german shepherd pup and meet Jackie and John approx. 6 weeks later.

It was like meeting old friends, Jackie and John made us feel very welcome and we met ‘Mummy and Baby’, the father and grandfather. We then arranged to pick up our new pup in 4 weeks time.

The process around collection was simple, we went to collect our new German Shepherd pup and then welcomed her home.

Jackie and John are great to deal with, very friendly and made the process enjoyable and straight forward. They offered great advice and were very knowledgeable.

We have stayed in touch since having Elsa home and we have loved welcoming Elsa into our home and family.

Thanks to you both and I would recommend Jackie and John for their great service and support.

Please see Elsa from a pup through to 10 months old as she is now in May.


Jane and Elsa.


Owner: Pauline Buckley
Location: Liverpool

Hi Jackie, I got Maddie from you in February and she settled in straight away, the courier Lenny was fantastic he kept me informed all the way. She is absolutely amazing, my sister bought her boy Zak from you 2 years again and we have always said he come with manners, well so has maddie. She’s a delight to be around gets on so well with her “uncle” Zak they just adore each other. She’s extremely well behaved and easy to train and has bought me so much joy after losing Benji after 13.5 years. Thank you so much Jackie the amount of compliments we get about maddie and Zak is unbelievable. I took her to a fun dog show where she come 3rd for prettiest bitch and 5th for biggest ears.


Owner: Andrew Wudom
Location: Toronto Canada
Here we have the very proud Simba, heading out from London Heathrow to his new master in Toronto Canada, As you can see everyone fell in love with him.


Owner: Rob & Jill Patterson
Location: Wales
A few shots of Alsace Royale’s Mac. He sure likes to sleep in some strange positions. No doubt that will be the Irish in him??

Having spoken to you pre-Christmas regarding the latest German shepherd litter we waited anxiously to meet our new addition and the arrival of Pat at the pre-arranged time near Bristol was spot on.

Just to let you know that your “wee man” from Troy and Elsa’s December 2013 litter has totally transformed our lives. The courier van was well kitted out and all the dogs mostly greyhounds within the van were well taken care of. Paperwork and German Shepherd pup handed over professionally and the pup was in fine fettle after the ferry crossing.

Back home in Cornwall the “wee man” had a couple of days without being named just so we could see and understand his ways and thinking. Had the name Sheila on the back burner but naturally was not required. Having seen him in action we have named him Mac.

This coming Wednesday will his third week with us and believe it or not, he has grown two inches in length and two inches to the shoulder in those 19 days. I personally find the pup food beats porridge and certainly improves ones sense of smell.

Mac has met our neighbours who mainly have working dogs. We are surrounded by sheep and pheasants so it was important they all should meet the new member of the Community. No agro and Mac won everyone over within 15 minutes. We have geese and ducks wandering around and whilst most intrigued by them, Mac has learned very quickly to sit and watch. He did run up to a goose within the first week but the goose did not move and Mac stopped dead in his tracks. All are getting on fine now and he knows not to chase them. His sense of smell is excellent and he loves to work out where treats are hidden following his light training sessions.

The local vets were most impressed when we booked Mac in for his first local veterinary registration and all remarked on him being such a fine specimen and all wanted to know where he came from. His adult coat is just now starting to show down his back. This is the first instalment and just wanted you to know Jackie, that Mac is definitely full on and he loves company.

Sending you a couple of pics so rest assured your wee man and Jill and I have a new lease of life by having this chap following us everywhere. He is obvisiouly used to being around horses as he went straight up, nose to nose with our two neighbouring donkeys and no bother. All fine on that score. Secondly I had the tractor out and happened to be ploughing when he came up (first time he saw the tractor) and without any fear or concern he picked up a stick and started to chew on it about three feet from the furrows whilst I worked away.

He loves company. Just a few shots of the MAN about the house. Absolutely fantastic. What a lad. Everyone we have met since our midnight RV with the man with the white van (that’s two people) have said he looks superb and what a temperament.

Seriously, we have lots of folks visit us generally and not one aspect of aggression or fear from Mac. The other dog is ALFIE which belongs to Jill’s sister and he is a big lad. They get on brilliantly.
Aye yours
Rob & Jill & Mac


Owner: Chris Fitzgerald
Location: Dublin

Here we have Alsace Royale’s Elsa, what a stunner she is turning out to be and by the look of her pictures i think we have our first Alsace Royale’s model!!

Hi Jackie,
As promised, here are some photos of our lovely German shepherd girl, Elsa.

Although she’s only been with us a month now, these pictures don’t do the wonderful little lady justice. She’s really a joy to have around the house! I’m sure she’s going to grow up to be a magnificent example of Alsace Royale German Shepherds.

Many thanks for all your help and support,
Chris, Vera and Sarah.


Owner: John Coppard
Location: Portgordon, Moray, United Kingdom

As we discussed, here are the photos that were taken in March of Max the German Shepherd and myself. As you can see, he is a stunning shepherd, taking centre stage wherever he goes. He, of course, thinks he is the King pin. The comments I get about him are amazing, and the dog trainer loves him to bits and has often asked about the breeder, so I often sing your praises.

He is already over 7 stone, but not a bit of fat on him, just muscle.
His temperament is wonderful, always friendly and just loves everybody and every dog he meets, although he always tries to dominate them.

He loves being with me and sulks when I have to leave him at home. He travels in the car all the time, I tried putting him in the back, but he sits in the passenger seat, claiming it as his own.

He loves walking and playing with his ball, and always finds something to carry when we are out walking.
He also jumps into the sea at the drop of a hat.
He is wonderful, thank you so much for breeding these magnificent German Shepherds, exactly what a German Shepherd should be.

I hope you can open the pictures, can you let me know?
Thanks Jackie,


Owner: Kathy Mead
Location: Solihull, Birmingham, United Kingdom

This is our Seb (Sebastian) who we have had nearly 12months and we are delighted with him, so much so, we hope to have another of his lineage next year.

And this is Seb with Buddy – ever patient, tolerant Bud.  They get on extremely well and Seb would be lost without him.

Prince & Jake


Owners: Marie & Jim Toman
Location: Belfast


Owners: Jennifer & Colm Toman O’Reilly
Location: Belfast

Prince and Jake are from Storm and Troy’s litter from September 2013, my fiancé and I bought Jake (lighter in colour) and my mum and dad bought Prince (dark in colour).  We went visit our beautiful German shepherd boys when they were 5 weeks old.  We all fell in love on the spot to the point that I was nearly going to take up residence at Alsace Royale.

When the day came to bring Prince and Jake home we were so excited and travelled from early in the morning.  We had a long journey home with the boys and for such a long journey they were so well behaved.  The boys adjusted to their new homes like ducks to water.  Prince and Jake get to spend every day together and some evenings they even get to have sleepovers in each other’s houses.  They are great company for each other and love being together.

The boys get walked every day and each day everyone comments on how beautiful and well behaved they are, they love other dogs and are well socialised with people.

Jake and Prince are the perfect partners in crime and have a skill for stealing slippers, opening doors and opening pedestal bins, all of this in 4 months the future is bright for our wee boys.  They are highly intelligent and have great temperaments.  They are growing up so fast, I don’t know what we would do without them.  Prince and Jake fill up our days with love and affection. The boys are a joy to have and a real asset to our family.


Owner: Frank Horne
Location: Alloa, Scotland

Hi Jackie, its Frank Horne from Alloa here, just to say our wee man has turned into big man now and in the photo he is 7 months old. He`s quite a character. His temperament is spot on and he rumbles with our 6 and 8yr old grandsons at will.

A few months ago they got the better of him but now he holds more than his own with them. They play “running with the bulls” with him in our garden, similar to running with the bulls that the Spanish do in Pamplona, the only difference he catches the kids more often than the bulls do in Pamplona. He gets loads of compliments about his size, colour and temperament.

He is a great addition to our family and now he is getting older we can`t wait to take him longer walks in the local forests with the kids, hopefully the days get drier and sunnier.



Owner: Lorraine Nicoll
Location: Southend-on-Sea, United Kingdom

Dexter was one of Troy and Saxon’s litter, now six months he is already bigger than our adult German Shepherd Rupert!

The moment we looked into his big beautiful brown eyes it was love at first sight and our 12 year old Rupert gained a new spring in his step for having a gorgeous new little brother. Dexter has only been a member of the family for about four months but it is already impossible to imagine it without him, begging for his cuddles and kisses, bounding about on his runs at the woods and dragging his little blanket from the kitchen into the living room so he could sleep.

His favourite game is tug-of-war with his chew toy, and playfully tormenting Rupert by dangling chew bones in his face and running away. He has so much personality, so much character, such mischief in his eye, such intelligence and is by far the most beautiful looking dog we have ever laid eyes on.

But we wont tell Rupert that!


Owner: Melissa Bayley
Location:  Harrogate, North Yorkshire

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