Please Note: Some unscrupulous people were sold German shepherd puppies on the pretext they wanted them as family pets, had they told the truth that they wanted them for breeding or for stud purposes they would not have been sold puppies. If you did not receive your puppy from Alsace Royale kennels it is not a genuine Alsace Royale German Shepherd puppy.

Also Note: Anyone using this website as a reference to sell German Shepherd puppies or for stud purposes will have the necessary legal proceedings taken against them.

Alsace Royale German Shepherds, Our Gallery

Look at this beautiful boy

Where we are happiest, on our farm

Our shepherds with their best friends

Exploring the farmlands

Alsace Royale shepherds with the farm animals

Alsace Royale puppy out learning the ropes on our farm

Ceasar & Lexi’s trip to the park

Our german shepherds/german shepherd puppies at the Mad Hatter Tea Party

Our german shepherds having Fun in the Fields

Our german shepherds/german shepherd puppies chilling out with the Children!

Alsace Royale german shepherds/german shepherd puppies having fun in the Snow

Down on the Farm at Alsace Royale German shepherds/german shepherd puppies

The Alsace Royale German shepherd/German shepherd puppies Agility Course

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