2013 Guestbook

joan wallace
13/04/2012 2:12pm

Hi Jacqueline,

Don has e-mailed photos of his beloved Tess! She is counting the days until she can TRASH her little brother ;]

Glenda Hunter
21/04/2012 8:49am

Hi again Jackie just wanted to express my thanks again for having me to your home today to meet yourself and your wonderful kids who are an absolute credit to you,and off course my reason for being there, your beautiful shepherds,the care and knowledge that you have just shines through in the look, condition,temperment and obedience of your dogs. Im counting the days now until Tara and troys litter is born and i get to meet my puppy,Thanks again Jackie

Sophie & Seamus Mulleady
24/04/2012 11:39am

Our beloved dog Ben is now within days of his 3rd birthday. We have owned many dogs and Ben is an absolute joy to have around our family and our home. Ben is a beautiful dog and is admired by anyone who meets him. I would strongly recommend Alsace Royale as a breeder/kennel as their ethos in breeding shines through and supports all that is stated on this websites home page. I wish Jackie and her family well and hope that she continues as a breeder for many years. Thank you so much for our wonderful companion, Ben!

Ray Mcconnell
13/05/2012 7:56am

Hi i am Ray from Boca Raton Florida i got your site from my brother in law Eddie Mcknight he is buying a dog from you he lives up in Portadown, i wish i was ready to buy another dog i had one in Ireland many years ago he lived until he was forteen years old, i have a friend here in Florida i was telling him about your site, he had serve time in IRAQ with his dog, they would be jumping out of planes the dog save his life, the dog has sence pass on i think he will be in touch with you soon, i hope you guys hook up. ps keep up the good work .RAY

25/05/2012 3:29am

HI Ray thank you so much for your kind comments,and your friend sounds a great guy the work they are doing out there is so brave please give him our regards.all the very best for now and keep on touch,Jackie Stewart.

Basil Wilson
13/05/2012 8:53am

Jacki, I has the great pleasure to visit your home recemtly, along with my two daughters. I can confirm, beyond any doubt the fact that your dogs have excellent temperament, ( von Stephanitz would have been proud of such dogs), bearing & conformation. All that the GSD was & is again in your dogs. I hope to secure a pup from a future litter. My very best regards & wishes for all that you accomplish in the future with your beaufiful, noble & excellent German Shepherds.

Kieran Mc mahon
21/06/2012 8:56am

Hi Jackie you will be glad to know the bitch pup you sold me is now an outstanding dog with an excellent temperament. She is great with the kids and watchful around the house just like you said she would be. She is exemplary of the breed and noticed by all. I have toured all of the country and have yet to see better dogs and pups. Keep up the good work



25/09/2012 1:54am

Fantastic site, love the photographs of your pack, this is what ALL German Shepherds should look like. We have a beautiful straight backed long haired black and tan 4 year old spayed bitch and one day I’d love a companion for her. whenever I’m out with her and see other German Shepherds with the roach backs I feel terribly sorry to see a wonderful dog being bred to look deformed. Keep up your great work with your dogs and I look forward to seeing photographs of your new litter on your website soon.
Kindest Regards
Alan from Merseyside

Christine Black
12/10/2012 4:41am

Thank you so much for calling me back today, after my recent e-mail enquiry.

I would like to compliment you on the beautiful website with all the lovely photos of your family (including all your gorgeous fur babies!). It was really lovely to speak with Jackie, who is such a lovey lady and is obviously very passionate about her dogs.

I am in no doubt, after speaking with Jackie and looking & speaking to other breeders, that this is where we would love our future dog to come from.

I love that the dogs are a member of the family and not just kept in cages (I have been to other dog breeders and know that some dogs are not kept in very good conditions at all).

I will stay in touch and be checking back regularly for some new photos and I look forward to next year. Lots! Thank you, once again.

Kindest Regards

Chris Black from Hampshire

Janine Ellington
22/10/2012 6:31am

Hi Jackie it,s Janine just thought I would let you know how Deilliah is doing.She is fantastic a gorgeous little girl with a graet temperment.You Lady and troy did a great job. So to anyone who is thing of getting a gsd and looking at your web page I would not hesitate to recommend they get in touch with you.As you know I am from Leeds and I use your caine courier and even though I was a bit worried I needn,t have been she arrived safe and sound.As you know I have waited a long time to get my own gsd and she was worth the wait.She get on really well with my three Labaradors special with Riley the youngest one they are great play mates. Anyway take care and keep up the good work.

Amy Stewart
25/02/2013 3:40am

i just want to compliment you on you gorgeous dogs and passion for them. i hope in the future to be getting my own GSD from you, had 2 growing up and have never had a better friend than those dogs.

Majella Pito
11/03/2013 2:27am

Hi Jackie
Just wanted to let you know that our Lexi is doing great! She is a credit to you and a fantastic example of her breed which is all down to you and the love, care and dedication you put into your litters. I have yet to meet a breeder of any dog who has so much commitment and dedication and the love you have for them just shines through. I would recommend you to anyone who wants to have a German shepherd in their lives – one of course that is bred as German shepherds were meant to be. All your dogs are stunning! Keep up the the good work and I hope you continue for many years to come. All the best to you and your beautiful family! Xxx Majella

16/03/2013 8:07am

Hi Jackie
Just wanted to congratulate you and your family on the new litter of beautiful puppys – it must be such a joy each time! Looking forward to getting our house finished, and being able to finally come to you for my much longed for gsd 🙂

Lorraine and Graham Bennett
25/04/2013 2:19pm

Hi jackie, just wanted to share with everyone the sweet reaction our wee alsaceroyale girl gave when she heard your voice on one of your videos of the new puppies. As soon as you spoke Marley started whining, looking around for you and pawing at the computer. She clearly remembers and loves your voice, testament to the excellent care she received while she was with you. Anyone reading this should be assured, these are no ordinary puppies! The care and attention they are given by this lovely family is evident in every aspect of their behaviour. Marley is the most calm, confident and energetic dog i have ever owned. She is huge for her age and is noticed and admired every time we are out. She has become a wonderful friend and watchful guardian for our five small children and we can’t imagine ever being without her. Thank you so much jackie, keep up the great work! xx xx

Melissa Bayley
29/04/2013 2:51am

Dear Jackie
I just wanted to thank you for making Peggy and I feel so welcome when we visited you on Saturday. It was lovely to meet you and your wonderful pack of shepherds they are an absolute credit to you. You are a true advocate for the breed Jackie, so passionate about ensuring that your dogs have super temperament and sound physiology. It was great to see so many shepherds with straight flat backs! They are all stunning.
We feel very privileged that we are going to be welcoming one of Storm and Troy’s puppies in to our family soon. We can’t wait for Roy to get here!
I would not hesitate in recommending you to others who are looking to find a shepherd to join their family. I hope you continue your work with this breed for many years to come. Many GSD breeders out there could learn so much from you.
Kind regards

Margaret Whitelaw
01/05/2013 4:15am

Hi Jackie, just calling in to ask how the new litter is doing. I’m so excited and dying to meet our new boy. Not long to wait now.
I’m researching Irish folk hero names as he’s bound to be a star.
Brgds, Margaret x.

michael murray
14/05/2013 1:45am

thank you jacki, beautiful pup, thanks to lenny for his excellent courrier service, jack Russel took well to the pup its bigger than the jack russel, once again jackie thank you , kind regards michael

Barbara and Colm
15/05/2013 10:02am

Hi Jackie, thank you for inviting us to your home to meet your beautiful shepherds and gorgeous puppies, it was an incredible experience. Your love and passion for the breed was obvious and the dogs are a credit to the dedication you put in. We are counting the days down until our beautiful puppy Ruby arrives, she will be much loved by all. Without hesitation we would recommend anyone looking for a gsd puppy to talk to you. Thank you again.

17/05/2013 4:39pm

OMG where do I start. I spent well over a year looking for a GSD breeder who was producing good sound dogs with excellent temperaments, but who also agreed with me, that GSDs should be large and have straight backs like those up until the 1980’s. I had all but given up my search when I chanced upon Alsace Royale German Shepherds, and finally, there they were, my dream dogs with looks to die for and some of the best hip scores I had seen during my search. An email to the breeder, Jackie resulted in a callback (don’t expect a quick call, the woman can talk the hind legs off a donkey, but then that’s how passionate she is about her dogs and I fully appreciated that she was sussing me out just as much as I was her). Anyway, a litter of Storm x Troy puppies was expected within the next few weeks and from our chat, I knew that I had to have one of those puppies and asked Jackie to put my name on the waiting list. In the meantime, I also signed up to the dedicated facebook page where there was lots of beautiful pictures of Alsace Royale German Shepherds posted by their new Mummys and Daddys and the page also posted updated information on the current litter at any given time.
3rd of March saw the arrival of Storm’s puppies and the next day, I called Jackie to find out as much as I could about those little fluff bundles. It was a big litter, 12 puppies in total and they, along with mum, were all doing well. I wanted a black and tan male puppy and Jackie confirmed that there was 3 out of 5 males that were black and tan, so I did not hesitate and told Jackie that my deposit cheque would be posted that day to reserve my puppy. Now all I had to do was wait whilst Storm, then Jackie bought the puppies on. Poor Jackie must have been well fed-up with me as I did phone and txt rather a lot for updates and to arrange a visit, but Jackie was great and didn’t mind a bit ( at least, that’s what she said, lol ).
I visited Jackie along with my friend and young daughter when the puppies were 7 1/2 weeks old and OMG again, I was so glad that I made the effort. What a sight to behold when we pulled up at Jackie’s, lots of lovely big (and I mean BIG), straight backed GSDs. They were naturally aloof when we arrived, but my, when they came to greet us, what a welcome we got, ever so friendly and very obedient, plus they obviously adored Jackie. It goes without saying that I was there to pick my puppy and what a tough decision I had on my hands as they were all just so adorable, it was just a good job that the choice was narrowed to 3 puppies by me specifying a male black and tan, but even then it was difficult. Jackie was very patient whilst I deliberated on my choice following a welcome cuppa and slice of homemade cake and of course, a lengthy chat on GSDs, what better topic. My chosen puppy was collared to distinguish him from the other 2 black and tan males and all too soon, it was sadly time for us to go, but I knew that he was in safe and experienced hands. I txtd Jackie that evening, thanking her again for having us to her home and making us so welcome.
2 1/2 weeks later, Jackie called to say my pup was was good to go having received his final vaccination and being vet checked. Jackie had put me in touch with her canine courier and after many calls between Jackie, the courier and myself, it was arranged that my puppy would arrive on the 15th May. Needless to say, I had been extremely nervous at the thought of using a courier, but I thoroughly researched the courier Jackie used and was satisfied that it was a professional service and not just some Jack the Lad types out to make a quick buck.
Anyways, on the 15th May, after arriving mega early at our meeting point, I was finally reunited with my wee puppy who arrived safe and well thanks to the expertise of the canine couriers. I let Jackie know that my puppy had arrived and was none the worse for his travels, albeit a bit tired.
Well, a few days on, and Storm, as I have called my puppy, has settled well, he is respectful of the cats, most of the time, lol. He is friendly with everyone he meets, old, young, male and female alike and is also confident in meeting other dogs. For one so young, he walks remarkably well on the lead, although obviously we don’t go far and he is picking up the toilet training very well. This is all testamount to the effort that Jackie puts into all her dogs and puppies. I could go on for ever singing the praises of Alsace Royale German Shepherds but as you now all know, wee Storm is here and his new mummy needs another cuddle from him. My advice to anyone thinking about getting a GSD puppy, go no further than an Alsace Royale German Shepherd puppy, you will not be disappointed.
Jackie, I cannot thank you enough for allowing me to become Storm’s new mummy, you have done him and the breed proud, long may you continue bringing the GSD breed back to what it once was and is again in your dogs.
Also, a big thank you to Lenny and Aiden, the ca

Linda & Ian Geddes
18/05/2013 2:00am

Arie” son of Troy & Storm arrived from Donegal to Durham UK, on Wednesday, at our pre-arranged time/place relaxed and calm thanks to the excellent professional carrier service provided by Lenny & Aiden.We are over the moon with our new boy who is a credit to Jackie, he is in very good condition and has an excellent layed back disposition, getting on well with step sister Rose. Thanks again Jackie for the obvious care and attention to this wonderful breed.

Margaret Whitelaw
23/05/2013 3:40am

Dear Jackie, I’m having a few quiet moments while our beautiful pup “Buzz” (as in Buzz Lightyear) has a nap. He arrived yesterday and for anyone following Jackie’s website he is a perfect example of how a pup should be socialised….he’s calm, very loving, confident in his new surroundings and with my older bitch Cara. He’s curious about our cat Lucy but very respectful. He was transported from Ireland to Scotland by the very professional Lenny and Aiden. Their “Dogs in Transit” van was immaculate. There were no bad smells when the van door was opened and the puppy had plenty of room to move about. The fact that the puppy was as calm as he was is a testement to the care that Lenny and Aiden take with each and every dog they transport and I would not hesitate recommend them to anyone, apart from the fact that the guys are realy nice. I was also amazed at how inexpensive their service was. I did some comparisons on line for similar services and the cost was far, far more expensive.
Back to Buzz. He’s so smart and quick on the uptake that he’ll be house trained in no time. What a joy he is. In the days to come I’ll email ‘photos of him to let you see how he’s doing.
Thank you so much for our darling boy.

Margaret Whitelaw
23/05/2013 3:41am

Dear Jackie, I’m having a few quiet moments while our beautiful pup “Buzz” (as in Buzz Lightyear) has a nap. He arrived yesterday and for anyone following Jackie’s website he is a perfect example of how a pup should be socialised….he’s calm, very loving, confident in his new surroundings and with my older bitch Cara. He’s curious about our cat Lucy but very respectful. He was transported from Ireland to Scotland by the very professional Lenny and Aiden. Their “Dogs in Transit” van was immaculate. There were no bad smells when the van door was opened and the puppy had plenty of room to move about. The fact that the puppy was as calm as he was is a testement to the care that Lenny and Aiden take with each and every dog they transport and I would not hesitate recommend them to anyone, apart from the fact that the guys are realy nice. I was also amazed at how inexpensive their service was. I did some comparisons on line for similar services and the cost was far, far more expensive.
Back to Buzz. He’s so smart and quick on the uptake that he’ll be house trained in no time. What a joy he is. In the days to come I’ll email ‘photos of him to let you see how he’s doing.
Thank you so much for our darling boy.

Sonia and Robert Mead from Cambridge
29/05/2013 12:03pm

Hi Jackie
Thank you for our lovely puppy, Bear (Sable boy from Troy and Storm litter March 2013). He arrived safely via Lenny’s excellent courier service. He is settling in and we are trying to convince him and the cats that they should all be friends.
Thank you again for a very beautiful puppy.
Sonia and Robert

pauline clyde
29/05/2013 1:01pm

I can not thank Jackie enough for my beautiful puppy which i collected on the 18th of may ! she has settled in really well and is eating like a small horse !! she seems to be growing bigger every day and at the moment she has one ear up and is full of fun ! my wee king charles is getting her ears chewed but i think she is enjoying it !! every one that sees her stops and admires her and cannot believe she is only 12 weeks !!! thankyou again jackie for making my family complete !

Frank Horne
01/07/2013 3:02pm

Hi Jackie, I just want to thank you for the hospitality you and your family extended to us on our visit on Sat. To cap it all the boys are ecstatic about meeting Troy’s gang and they have been talking about nothing else, except their puppy of course. I have printed off loads of photos that Kieran took and he has been showing them to all his friends. We were very taken by your dogs and on seeing them in the flesh and their presence when viewed, exceeded the pictures on your website as the quality of your puppies can justify. The affection and obedience displayed by your dogs are a credit to you and your family and the breed in general. We look forward to returning to collect Kieran and Brandon`s puppy soon when he will travel to a country where he will be known as a “dug” and loved as a dug should be with all the love and affection poured upon him that we can give him. C u soon. Frank, Marion, Kieran and Brandon.

Claire Chess
10/07/2013 12:07am

Hi Jacqui, where do I start!! Sacha arrived in January in the middle of our house renovation immediately bonding with our cocker spaniel and have formed a firm friendship. She was surrounded by builders, decorators, joiners from day one and everyone absolutely loved her saying what a gorgeous personality she had. She has turned into the most stunning dog with the calmest nature, when visiting the local pub she always gets stroked and commented upon. My children all love her and their visiting friends always say they now want a gsd! My 12 year old daughter constantly plays with her and is now teaching her a bit of agility over her horse jumps. Thank you so much for making us the happiest gsd owners in the Cotswolds.

John Coppard
26/07/2013 2:17pm

Hi Jackie, thank you so much for the privilege of owning one of your puppies. I picked him up from Lenny and Aiden’s wonderful k9 courier service at our pre-arranged rendezvous. I was so impressed by their professional service.
I have waited around 25 years after losing our German Shepherd called Ben. I never thought I could ever replace him, but when I saw your gogs on your website, I had to come over and see them.
As I told you, I was determined to get a wee Black and Tan, but when this little red headed sable accosted me from the word go, I knew right away who was coming to Scotland.
It is amazing how he has fitted in, a confident, assured pup not afraid of anything. It has only been 2 days, but he hasn’t messed or pee-ed in the house once, always asking to get outside to do it.
Our walks always take 3 times longer than they should because everybody stops us to admire him.
He is an awesome puppy, and will grow into an awesome dog. I am so glad I found your website and would thoroughly recommend your dogs to any and all. Thank you so much for breeding proper German Shepherds, I had almost given up looking for one. Thank you Jackie for all the advice and info along the way. I will keep you posted on how Max is progressing. Thanks again, John (and Max).

Frank Horne
29/07/2013 4:07pm

Hi Jackie, sorry we didn’t manage back over to collect our “chosen one” as arranged. We were looking forward to seeing everyone again. Instead we had to arrange for him to be transported by courier. He has now been with us for only 4days and impacted, for the better I might add, on the whole family, so much so that our sleeping arrangements have temporarily been changed to suit. At 11wks old he has grown into a giant compared to the last time we saw him. If he continues like this, as I`m sure he will, he will turn into a magnificent specimen with already markings to die for. I referred to the courier and you can get couriers and couriers, I didn`t know if he would be turning up in a cardboard box or what. Having met you, I knew better and I expected a quality transportation of the wee man but nothing prepared me for the service I received. Aiden covered every last detail by phone prior to him leaving and arrived at the meet exactly on time. Not only did he have our pup on board but several other dogs as well and oversaw their transfer to the new owners in a very professional and efficient manner. What about that purpose built vehicle he has for transporting dogs, “wow”. I would say to anyone considering having their dog or puppy sent by courier, contact Aiden you won`t be disappointed. Thanks again Jackie for the wonderful new addition to our family he has settled in great apart from playing 2nd fiddle to our cat but at least they can pass within 2ft of each other now without anything going on and with this after only 4 days it can only bode well for their future relationship together, Talk again soon, Frank & Marion

Jan Gaskell
31/07/2013 12:34pm

Jackie words cannot express how thrilled we are with our little lady Kiki. She is simply stunning and a joy to be owned by! She has settled with sprocket our other dog very well and is alternating between sleeping and playing. Can’t wait to watch her grow and mature. Thanks for all your hard work in providing such healthy strong balanced pups

12/10/2013 2:10pm

Hi Jackie,
Just wanted to let you know that our beautiful puppy Dexter has settled in well with our other dog Rupert. Thank you for the excellent courier service, Lenny was so helpful and even though I had been waiting in the wrong meeting place he went out of his way to find us. Dexter is stunning and such a loving puppy. We all love his so very much, he is a part of the family now! Again, thank you so much, and we will keep you updated with Dexter’s progress.

Conor Cunningham
20/10/2013 11:33am

Thanks again Jackie for all the advice. Hugo is such a happy dog now that we sorted out the nipping at the hands. A rolled up magazine and a few smacks on the nose and he’s a completely different dog. He’s calmer and happy that he knows his place in the family. He ie so patient and gentle with our 18 month old and just loves following her around the house. At just over 7 months now you could forget he’s still a pup he’s so confident. He’s a joy to have around. Thanks again Jackie it’s great to know you have someone at the end of the phone that remains interested in her pups even after they have left the litter.

Robbie Paterson
09/01/2014 3:32pm

A great professional web site and superb pics of the various pups and parents. Most interesting the comments re your courier whizards from all your previous clients.
As you know we have spoken to you, explained our situation and you were extremely patient, knowledgeable and gave us tremendous confidence via the various phone calls.
Will keep you posted and we await the day when we see our wee lad. Yours Aye,
Rob & Jill Paterson

Kelly Murphy
10/07/2014 1:18am

Dear Jackie
It has been great chatting with you, over the past year ,your knowledge on this wonderful breed really is fantastic.
The support you offer while deciding on a dog really is great, I truly wouldn’t want to get my puppy from anybody else. I am a little sad that I am able to travel over to choose my puppy, however I trust your judgement and Know you will give me a puppy that will be just right for my family.When buying a shepherd and you have young children, it is imperative that the dogs nature will be Gentle, Loyal yet protective. I have done much research this past year, looking at breeders and the breed its self, and I have’n”t been able to find anyone else with not only the support you offer for life, but dogs with a temperament that I would want around my children, also the added bonus that your dogs are pretty good looking.
I am counting down the days until our new baby girl is ready to come to her new home. She is from Troy and Princess Alisa”s new litter, and if she is anything like her mum and dad ill be happy.