2012 Guestbook

Marie Marston
19/04/2012 4:21am

Dear Jackie
Thank you so much for our beautiful little girl Tegan, she is already settling down really well, and winning peoples heart. Your organisation and consideration to the dogs welfare is remarkable, thank you, it all helped to make what could have been a stessful experience, an exciting one instead. We will send you pictures soon. Speak later. xx

David & Marie McAnaney
20/04/2012 10:11am

Hi Jackie
Thanks again for giving us our wee man Mac. He’s settled in great and has an incredible appetite. Our vet couldn’t believe the size of him at only 10 weeks so it looks like he’s going to be a big dog. Great round the kids and they love him too. I’ll send on some pics once he’s a wee bit older. Thks, David.

Marie & Andy Marston
01/05/2012 3:43am

Dear Jackie
Just letting you know Tegan is doing really well, she visited our vets today, who absolutely fell in love with her as does everyone who she meets. I was so full of pride as he said “Tegan is a really good example of a well bred GSD, the breeder obviously knows what they are doing, she is so beautiful, just perfect”. What a compliment Jackie (I was full of pride being her mum now) but you did all the hardwork, she is such a well adjusted dog. For one so young Tegan is so good with any animal she meets, she just takes everything in her stride.

If anyone reading this is looking for a well adjusted and balanced GSD with looks to die for, then visit the Alsace Royale Shepherd website and just take a look at just how dedicated Jackie and her family are at breeding good sound dogs.
Jackie keep up the good work.
Marie & Andy

Beth Stewart
10/07/2012 4:37am

You have beautiful GS I had one 20 years ago and when he passed away I couldnt bring myself to get another as it broke my heart to loose such a devoted companion and I missed him so much. I now have 2 rescued pet dogs and they are great companions. keep up the good work!! 🙂 x

Menasheh Idafar
13/07/2012 5:57am

Hi Jackie hope all is well with you thanks again for Dana she is very clever and learns very fast sometimes she is too clever !!! anyway she is doing very well and is joy to be around and spend time with she gets along with everyone she meets really well couldn’t have asked for a better puppy thanks again for everything, Menasheh

Hassan Omar
13/10/2012 3:34pm

Hi,,, are you selling german shepherd puppy i want to get one but where do you live i would like to get one please answer as soon as you see this messges

Jackie McMahon
08/11/2012 12:27pm

Well what can I say!!!! My beautiful, gorgeous, adorable, playful, clever, mischevious (yeah I could go on forever!!) “MEG” arrived with us on late on Tuesday evening and even after a long day travelling she was so playful… I can’t tell you how proud I am to be her owner and she respond so well to commands (thank you Jackie for all your tips by the way; they are working). I took her for a walk around our lake today and she was taking in the surroundings and was so good to walk. She shares her love around and people have said what a gorgeous looking pup she is and how BIG she is!! She really has completed our family and we all look forward to lots of fun in the coming years… I also want to say a huge thank you to “Jackie” for everything… you made my dream come true when you called me about Meg and it will stay with me forever…… xxx

14/03/2013 6:05am

Love your dogs they are beautiful with their straight backs good luck with them x

frank horne
16/05/2013 5:22pm

Thank heavens someone has the sense to maintain the magnificent old fashioned lines of this noble breed. Anyone wishing a modern version of the Alsatian/ German shepherd should possibly consider a Border Collie. No disrespect to Border Collies but the German shepherd breed has been so much reduced in size to fit in with modern day living it has been become equivalent with the proportions of a Border collie with the additional problem of hip misalignment. Why I say this is because the show standard of the German Shepherd today is so far removed from the original magnificent animal that todays standard might be considered a freak.

25/08/2013 11:18am

I just found your page today and I adore all your dogs! I just had my poor girl (Sandy) euthanized last year after she became terminally ill (two types of Cancer and Wobblers Disease) and loosing her has devastated me. She was my first GSD, and honestly, the best dog I ever had.

I would love to welcome another GSD into my life, somewhere in the near future, when I am ready I will defiantly be coming back here!! (I live in Northern Ireland)

Jane and Ken Sparelink
28/08/2013 10:16am

Hi Jacky,
just to say thanks for our puppy Casey. A proper German Shepherd. We picked him up from Lennie and Aiden (Canine Courier) early this morning and those guys certainly know their business. Casey was really laid back and not stressed out considering the journey he had just made. We would have no hesitation in using them again should the need arise. Casey has settled in, already ruling the roost and making his presence felt. Once again thanks for all your help and we will keep you up to date on his progress.

Donna Dempsey
04/09/2013 2:21pm

I cannot thank you enough for our beautiful puppy Murphy, so handsome & intellegent. Also for your dedication to GS traditional breed. Every thing you say about your Troy, I can see in Murphy. Also would like to thank you for being a great humanbeing & keep up the great work. Great person & dogs X

jim and heather leadbetter
04/09/2013 3:20pm

hi jackie the leadbetter clan would like to praise you to the highest for giving us a very lovable affectionate cheeky and now a handful wee girl lol, roxy has settled in very well, took her 1 day to master the stairs and now knows what NO means lol, doggie classes start on sat cant wait for that, got plenty of chews to bribe her lol, wouldnt change her for the world such a happy wee soul, still not 100% with the cat but im sure thel get on in time, would also like to thank aiden for a grt servce, wasnt sure at first as we,ve never dealt with a courier service and was well chuffed with what we saw, would defo recommend thm, forgot 2 say when we got out the car 2 collect her all we heard was a loud piercing bark comin frm the van, jackie hancock shouted over thats your wee 1 makin all that noise , a said no way lol jim thn went over started speakin 2 her thn all went quiet, thankyou again jackie uve defo filled alot of hearts xx

22/09/2013 10:13am

My new little girl arrived a few days ago and is now taking charge -,such a beautiful girl and she is a credit to you jackie – everyone she meets wants to know all about her and where she comes from !! She is a testimont to your care and pride in breeding some wonderful pups ! Transport all went smoothly too thanks to Lenny – a true gent and so well organised! I can’t recommend you and your dogs highly enough ! Thank you thank you
Andy y

30/09/2013 5:40pm

HI Jackie,
Just a quick line to say what a magnificent dog you supplied to me.
Frankel is all we ever dreamt he would be. I cannot convey the attention he gets. Literally cannot walk him down the street without being stopped at least 5 times.
He is a perfect specimen and HUGE!
Biggest the vet has seen and me.
I was checking out your owners section – I’m pretty sure I have the brother of Meg. We got Frankel on the 11 November over hear near Windsor and Meg was supplied a week earlier and looks just like Frankel.

All the best. Keep up the good work. I will be back for another one soon.
Thanks, Joe

Billy Craig
07/10/2013 12:56am

Great site, so good to see good straight back German Shepherds keep up the good work .

Robert Paterson
14/01/2014 12:49pm

Hi Jackie,
Just wished to thank you for all the help advice and support you provided once we made contact with you in December. As owners of 3 Shepherds Mac, Daggie and Kirsty all who lived their days to the full at various times in our lives we wished to be sure that our next would be from a truly exceptional breeder.
Having spoken to several owners who have dealt with you and the courier team, we now await the arrival of our pup in early March. We were most impressed by the fact you wanted to know about us and that gave US a good feeling. From the videos and conversations with those owners who have visited your home in Malin County Donegal you certainly are interested in providing good homes for your puppies and all we spoke to, gave high praise indeed to the kennels, care and attention you provide to your Shepherds.
Will keep you updated on progress.
Yours Aye,
Rob in Cornwall

13/04/2014 1:26am

I just wanted to say how absolutely strong and beautiful your dogs all look. Years ago I had a dog breed book from the 1930s and even as a child looking at the book I could see the huge differences between some dogs form and build from the original fit for purpose dogs to the breed standard considered acceptable in show rings. Your dogs are so solid ,healthy looking and have the most gorgeous straight strong backs but just as importantly they have the original great positive temperament of the early dogs . I am no expert on the breed just a huge fan of it and seeing your dogs on the site has been a absolute pleasure. Hopefully one day when my daughter is a little older I may be lucky enough to meet you and your wonderful dogs in person and possibly add one to our family. Keep up the good work your love of the breed just shines through.

teresa mckenna
20/06/2014 7:49am

Hi jackie we got our molly of you in 2011 she will be 3 on the 24th july and a greater companion you could never meet, I am sure she thinks she is a human lol. Hates being on her own and does have full run off the house, she gets on with other animals and loves children, I will get some pics sent to you so you can see how she turned out.